Future payments.


In the future, payments will be made regardless of time and place, using a multitude of identification methods both in the physical and the virtual world.


Our mission is to help our customers to optimize their payment solutions and provide the right tools for the diversified payment landscape.


Distributed value chain.

We believe in networking and mutually efficient partnering. Our concept is to honor our partner network value chain. By providing our white label service into this complex grid of business values and customer relations, we can boost our customers time to market, improve revenue and dramatically reduce cost structure.


Although disruption is inevitable, compliancy is imperative for payment systems. The payment ecosystem is global, fast and demands flexibility. It has to provide high availability, cost effectiveness and high security for every user. For us, compliance does not only provide reliability and security, it also ensures that the system is scalable for the business requirements of the future.


Creating technical pioneering by continuous evaluation of future trends. Understanding the future requires a vision on megatrends, and the role of payment systems as one of the fundamental elements of the human evolution.

  • Tokenization service

    Seitatech Token vault provides state of the art obfuscation of sensitive Cardholder data. The data is stored in a high availability cluster audited against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is delivered as a service from Seitatech's private cloud.

    Private Label Card PIN Security

    Secure storage and processes for Private Label scheme key management used for Cardholder personal identification number verification. Including solutions for industry standard online and offline PIN.

  • mPOS Gateway

    Vendor independent mPOS Gateway for mobile POS backends. Cardholder data protection is based on a Derived Unique Key Per Transaction technology to secure transmissions over to customer devices. Resiliency is guaranteed for 50 transactions per second even in major system breakdown scenarios.

    mCommerce interface

    Seitatech mCommerce interface is optimized for Mobile application development. It is simple and fast to develop your own secure wallet and in-app payments using our powerful REST API.

  • Automated onboarding and support API

    For high volume customers Seitatech provides access to our onboarding and support API. With the API, customers can optimize delivery times and increase first line support efficiency.

    Payment software as a service

    The Seitatech payment application runs on several operating systems. The highly configurable and modular application is easily adapted to new devices. We provide Payment Application Data Security Standard audited software as a service to a device of your own choice.

  • On device VAS engine

    On device Value Added Service engine runs on top of the Seitatech payment application. The engine is securely isolated from Cardholder Data. With the performance optimized scripting language you can build your own solutions running on the same device with the payment application.

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    Compliancy together with our highly revered competence is one of the key values that we bring into your value chain and solutions. We work together with Card Schemes, Acquirers and Banks to keep our products up-to-date and a step ahead on the requirements.

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    Security is one of our core competences. We provide audited solutions which are annually penetration tested by external security companies. We employ automated vulnerability assessment in multiple levels of product lifecycle to ensure high quality. Our security design is based on industry standards and best practices together with hardware based encryption key protection.

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    High Availability

    Our philosophy for high availability goes far beyond duplicating critical hardware, connections and clustered databases. We use intelligent technology on our server and client side for automatic recovery. On demand debug and automated alerts provide instant information for situation awareness. Our quality assurance methods provide close to flawless service levels during maintenance.

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    The origin of Seitatech is founded on our vision of disruption of the traditional payment industry. We believe in our role and capability to provide competative and cost-effective solutions within the current ecosystems together with existing parties.

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    For us, business relations are a partnership. According to our strategy, our target is to bring our knowledge and technology to our partners and enhance their solutions. We share the same vision and goals and the success of our partner is a crucial element of our own success.

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    Our business is focused on one of the oldest innovations of information technology - money. For us, innovation is not only inventing new technology and new means of payment. It is based on understanding the evolution of the global business environment and estimating the requirements for a worldwide solution and a universal user experience. The result is a better payment solution - for everyone.


  • Team Member

    Sakari Parre - CEO

    Sakari has over 20 years of experience in Payment and Retail technology and delivering solutions to the banking and retail sectors.

    Team Member

    Team Member

    Mikko Laaksonen - CTO

    Mikko has 20 years experience on IT service management, including 10 years of international payment solution development.

  • Team Member

    Kari Kaiju - CBDO

    Kari has over 20 years of experience in international business, delivering technology and product solutions to both the payment and retail sectors.

    Team Member

    Team Member

    Timo Keinänen - CFO

    Timo has over 20 years of experience in customer services and retail technology delivering critical support solutions to large retail customers.



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