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SEITATECH IS a Finnish software and payment technology provider. We specialize in electronic payment systems and the implementation of future payment technologies. With our long experience and white-label ideology, we can make your plans into reality.

payment processing

Payment Processing

By subcontracting your payment processing to us, you can fully focus on your own company's value creation, leaving the cumbersome technology implementations to others. The high availability and infallible security of our services, ensures that your business runs uninterrupted. As Seitatech's client, you save time, effort, and cold hard cash.


Development Services

Payment technology advances at a fast pace, which requires flexibility from anyone facilitating payments. With our development services, your company can respond to the challenges posed by the fast-changing payments landscape, and be ready to provide your clients with the latest payment methods. If you have an industry shattering idea, we will help you implement it.



Seitatech’s expertise is fully harnessed for the use of our clients. If your company is struggling with a challenging launch of a payment solution or needs support with a complex system glitch, Seitatech can help you. To pre-emptively reduce problems, you can also increase your organization’s inner proficiency by taking advantage of Seita's robust training programs.

Sakari Parre

Sakari Parre


Sakari is responsible for the organization's long term development. He has extensive experience in a leadership role, delivering technology solutions to the banking and retail sectors.

Mikko Laaksonen

Mikko Laaksonen


Mikko is responsible for the execution and management of Seitatechs technology solutions, ensuring they meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Markus Laaksonen

Markus Laaksonen

Head of Development

Markus leads our development unit, guaranteeing the timely completion of Seitatech's projects. Under his management we create payment systems of the future.

Jyri Kämäräinen

Head of Technical Support and CRM

Over 10 year veteran of payments industry, with proven track record in management of customer service, technical support, and various large scale projects.

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