Finland joins the Online PIN countries

There will be significant changes in payment technology by the end of 2023, when Finland joins the other Nordic countries in using Online PIN technology. This will have implications for payment terminals, merchants, and customers. Differences between Offline PIN and Online PIN technologies Offline PIN is a method of cardholder identification that takes place between a payment card and a payment terminal. The PIN entered […]

Adding a Payment Terminal to the Action Game Machines Made ForFun Finland’s Operations more Efficient

Entrepreneur Niko Aitta and his business partner Kari Hirvimäki work with action game machines. Their company ForFun Finland supplies action game machines to events, restaurants, hotels, individuals and companies. Traditionally, action game machines are coin-operated, but as consumers’ payment habits evolve, so must the payment methods. The cooperation between ForFun Finland and Seitatech resulted in the integration of a payment terminal into the action game […]

Mika´s job is versatile

Seitatech employs a lot of experts in different areas. One of the experts is Mika Parkkali: Seitatech’s multi-skiller. He solves technical problems, sets up new clients in systems and performs tests. Mika is a media engineer. He’s been in the field for twenty years and he has worked in Seitatech for two years. When customers contact the support, they are often concerned about financial traffic. […]

Get to know Seitatech

Seitatech  is a Finnish card payment service provider as well as a local importer and distributor of high-class Castles payment terminals in the Nordic and Baltic regions. We provide payment terminal software as well as mobile, eCommerce and other online payment solutions. We specialize in electronic payment systems and the implementation of future payment technologies. Our specialties are payment terminal software  electronic payment systems future […]

SEITATECH among the first in the world to pass the new PCI SSF security standard

The security standard is changing. The new SSF (Software Security Framework) is a security standard published by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) with the aim of better protecting card data. The SSF sets requirements for software development methods, processes, and payment applications related to card payments. It also introduces new obligations in terms of reporting and process monitoring. The new security standard serves different kind […]

What is a mobile wallet?

A mobile wallet or e-wallet is a cloud-based application that can be used to make payments. In addition to money, the wallet can also store cryptocurrencies, address information, membership cards, travel tickets, and other important information that would normally be found in a physical wallet. The wallet can be used, for example, to transfer money to a friend, send payment requests, or split a restaurant […]

SEO serves the whole Finland

SEO or Suomalainen Energiaosuuskunta is a Finnish oil company controlled by traders. The SEO network already covers more than 200 gas stations in Finland. Stations can be found all the way from Hanko to Nuorgam. Values such as domesticity, locality, and utilization of renewable energy are important factors in the operations of the service station network. Additionally, all of the stations are led by independent […]

Nina enjoys working with numbers

Nina Lehtonen, a Business College graduate, is completing her vocational skills in Helsinki Business College financial management studies. As a part of the studies she is working as an intern at Seitatech.  The internship includes assignments in accounting, purchase and sales ledger, and payroll. Getting to know the company’s operating methods and services has played an important role at the beginning of the internship; for […]

High quality cooperation behind success

One of the leading suppliers of mobile systems in the Nordic countries Semel Oy was founded in Finland in 1971 and today it operates as one of the leading suppliers of mobile systems in the Nordic countries. Semel’s special expertise focuses on payment, measurement and data collection systems, which are often delivered for use by companies operating in very demanding conditions. More than 50% of […]

Can your vending machine verify the buyer’s identity? Effects of PSD2 on self-service payment

Self-service payment has been a growing trend that allows merchants to improve the customer experience. The benefits of self-service payment include reducing queuing time and making products or services more accessible to consumers. For self-service payment transactions to be executed securely and smoothly, the self-service point must have a payment terminal that meets the requirements of the PSD2 directive. In this blog post, we’ll cover […]
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