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Seitatech in a nutshell

Seitatech is a Finnish software service provider specializing in electronic payment systems. We provide our customers with in-depth know-how and comprehensive white-label payment solutions, fully contributing to the partnering firm’s own value creation. Seitatech will become an excellent support for any organization seeking to enter the payments market, or improve their current standing in the fast-changing payment landscape.

Our organization consists of highly experienced industry professionals and software developers specialized in payment and retail technologies. Thanks to our internal competencies and dynamic working culture, we are able to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving industry, always ready to provide state of the art services to our clients.

Seitatech is committed to providing absolute compliance and data security in our services, and to show this we are a PCI-DSS certified service provider. Seitatech is also a Visa Merchant Agent and Visa Member Agent, Amex Authorized Processor, as well as a Mastercard Compliant Service Provider.


Payment and commerce have gone digital with haste, and rapid development continues. In the future, payments will be made regardless of time and place, using multitude of identification methods in both the physical and virtual worlds. Our role is to help customers optimize their payment solutions and provide the right tools for the diversified payment landscape.

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We want to integrate customer payments to be unobtrusive part of the retail entity, so that the consumer can easily, safely, and quickly pay using their choice of payment. Payment is never the main issue, and really, no one is excited to make a payment. Our mission is to make it as unobtrusive and as cost-effective as possible.

Samu Ahjolinna - Seita Technologies Oy

Samu Ahjolinna – Sales Director

Samu is responsible for the development of Seita Technologies' sales and marketing and for making sure that the new technologies of payment reception reach every retailer's portfolio.
+358 400 976051

Sakari Parre

Sakari Parre - CEO

Building from over 20 years of experience in developing solutions to banking and retail sector, Sakari has keen eye on understanding the current trends in digital disruption. After being among one of the first Ingenico distributors in what became a global scale delivery network, he established himself in the head of the first vendor independent open partner PSP platform.

Mikko Laaksonen

Mikko Laaksonen –CTO

Mikko has over 20 years’ experience on IT service management, including 10 years on international payment solution development. Technical vision, based on the profound development experience, gives Mikko an intimate understanding of the power of the current technology components and how innovations can be utilized on reaching the strategic business targets. The responsibilities of CTO include monitoring new technologies and assessing their potential to shape the future solutions for Seitatech.

Markus Laaksonen CBDO

Markus Laaksonen – Head of Development

Markus leads our development unit, guaranteeing the timely completion of Seitatech's projects. Under his management we create payment systems of the future.

Jyri Kämäräinen – Head of Technical Support and CRM

Over 15 year veteran of payments industry, with proven track record in management of customer service, technical support, and various large scale projects. Ensures the uninterrupted operation of our clients’ payment systems.

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