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Seitatech's CTO Mikko Laaksonen to train as a specialist for Alma Talent

Seita Technologies Chief Technology Officer Mikko Laaksonen has been selected as an Alma Talent specialist to train with a theme: Payment Systems in a Turning Point - Succeed in Acquiring or Developing a Payment System.

Well done Mikko and thank you Alma Talent for your cooperation with Seitatech!

Seitatech´s  Mikko Laaksonen has over 20 years of experience in IT services, including over 10 years of developing international payment systems. Mikko is behind Seitatech’s cloud strategy who has consulted technology companies on information security and application architectures in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Find out more about the training on Alma Talent's website at: https://koulutus.almatalent.fi/maksujarjestelmat-muutoksessa/

The training is intended for financial and commercial professionals, as well as IT and business unit personnel responsible for purchasing and developing payment systems.

The training will provide you with comprehensive information on how to build a payment strategy and ensure a successful acquisition of a digital payment environment.

Payment sector has undergone a major transformation with the development of the Internet, digitalization and smart devices. In addition, the EU has taken on a growing role in the regulation of digital payments through the PSD2 Directive.

The PSD1 Directive opened up the payment business at European level, but how do the new changes effect on a company’s business strategy level?

If you are in the process of acquiring a new payment system or developing the existing payment system, this training will give you a comprehensive look at digital payments as part of your business strategy and will give you a reliable view for the future of digital payments.

Not only does a good payment system transfer value from the consumer to the merchant, it also is an essential part of the consumer engagement plan and a significant competitive factor.

- Seita’s team

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