Seitatech Future Payments

Get to know Seitatech

Seitatech  is a Finnish card payment service provider as well as a local importer and distributor of high-class Castles payment terminals in the Nordic and Baltic regions. We provide payment terminal software as well as mobile, eCommerce and other online payment solutions. We specialize in electronic payment systems and the implementation of future payment technologies.

Our specialties are

  • payment terminal software 
  • electronic payment systems
  • future payment techniques

Seitatech is a Finnish software development house specializing in digital payment solutions. Our payment system services can be found in all Nordic countries, as well as in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We implement payment solutions that meet PSD2 requirements in a variety of ways: brick and mortar shops, mobile and online payments. We are trusted by both large and smaller traders and cash system suppliers. The Seitatech card payment brokerage service was granted the right to use the Key Flag in 2020.

The channel strategy challenges the industry’s general standards and business models. Seitatech provides its dealers with high-quality payment terminals, the payment terminal software license required to receive card payments, and the secure processing of card payments, as components into a wider package of dealers.

The payment terminals we offer for resale use software developed and owned by Seitatech, which is constantly updated and developed. The software complies with strict security regulations (PCI SSF). Seitatech does not trade directly with end customers that is why cooperation with dealers is partnership and business development is a common goal.

Our payment terminals are high-quality Castles Technology Co Ltd (‘Castles’). Castles is one of the ten largest payment terminal manufacturers in the world.

Castles payment terminals can be used in ordinary shops (e.g. shops and restaurants), in professional transport (e.g. operators and taxis) and in unmanned environments (service stations, vending machines, self-service shops and gaming machines). All payment terminals offered by Seitatech receive chip and local payments as well as most commonly used mobile wallet payments.

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