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One of the leading suppliers of mobile systems in the Nordic countries

Semel Oy was founded in Finland in 1971 and today it operates as one of the leading suppliers of mobile systems in the Nordic countries. Semel’s special expertise focuses on payment, measurement and data collection systems, which are often delivered for use by companies operating in very demanding conditions. More than 50% of taxis operating in Finland rely on Semel payment systems, and the number of taxis using the systems in the Nordic countries rises to more than 7,000.

Particularly demanding conditions

The operating environment of the transport industry and taxi companies places special demands on the development of payment systems. The uninterrupted operation of the system is a vital feature for the entrepreneur, as the taximeter works also as a taxi cash register system. A stronger than normal mechanical stress on the equipment is one of the challenges for a moving vehicle. Continuity of communication must be ensured, taking into account various disturbance factors such as blind spots, tunnels and parking garages. The need to use the equipment is around the clock, so the possible time windows for maintenance are very few.

Working together for the best results

Free competition in the taxi industry has brought completely new requirements and solutions to the market. Semel responds to the challenges of mobile payment systems with decades of experience, taking development work forward continuously and steadily. Seita Technologies works as a good partner, with special expertise including the delivery of application-optimized payment systems. Seitatech has previously acted as a partner in both the transportation and passenger transportation industries. As a result of the cooperation, Semel offers users the most versatile and advanced solution on the market by offering a taximeter system as a service, so that the equipment and software designed for taxi operations meet the needs of even the most demanding operator now and in the future.

“Seitatech and Semel share a common view that the functionality of the customer environment is paramount. Seitatech primarily offers tailor-made, carefully designed solutions to meet the customer’s needs”, says Mikko Laaksonen, Chairman of the Board of Seita Technologies.

The payment terminals developed as a result of the cooperation between the companies currently serve the needs of professionals in Finland, Sweden and Norway. In total, the equipment is used in more than 250 vehicles.

“Working with Seitatech has gone smoothly in all respects. The joint development project and the introduction of the equipment are progressing as desired. We expect the co-operation to deepen in the future in passenger transport as well as other projects in the transport sector”, comments Janne Asikainen, Project Manager at Semel Oy.


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