Mika´s job is versatile

Seitatech employs a lot of experts in different areas. One of the experts is Mika Parkkali: Seitatech’s multi-skiller. He solves technical problems, sets up new clients in systems and performs tests. Mika is a media engineer. He’s been in the field for twenty years and he has worked in Seitatech for two years.

When customers contact the support, they are often concerned about financial traffic. Seitatech works with dealers. The payment terminal is an important means of selling. If the payment terminal doesn’t work, the money won’t move. Contacts with support come in about five to ten per day, depending on the day and week. The retailers themselves handle routine requests for support, so only in the most difficult cases will the support be contacted. The support is available on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm. In this case, the service is also available to customers from other Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Mika’s typical working day consists of handling current customers’ requests for services and setting up new customers in the company’s systems. He does hybrid work, but mostly he likes to work from the office. 

The best thing about Mika’s work is diversity and different days. Work experience helps the banking and payment sector. The sector is developing all the time, so the work involves continuous learning. Mika therefore considers it important that people entering the industry have a desire to learn new things.  The change is continuous. The technical background is also useful.

“Seitatech’s strength is professionalism. We’ve got some really good people at work. The work community is great and we excel at teamwork. Seitatech is a nice workplace” Mika says. 

What makes Mika’s workdays better or does he have any memorable customer encounters? 

“It’s always memorable when you are able to solve the customer’s problem, and the customer is satisfied. That’s when you’ve done your job. The compliments are small energy boosters that help you work better” Mika says.

Mika Parkkali

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