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Seitatech Expands its Mobile Payment Services by Partnering with MobilePay

Payment technology provider Seitatech is partnering with MobilePay, in order to make the payment solution available to retailers and their customers. The collaboration comes as an answer to the fast-growing demand for mobile payment methods in the retail sector. The agreement provides payment service resellers an opportunity to adopt the most used mobile payments to their product offering.


The Collaboration makes it easy to accept mobile payments

MobilePay is a widely-used payment method, popularized by its functionality in transactions between consumers. The partnership enables seamless retail payments for over 3,8 million Nordic users. This provides retailers access to the rapidly growing customer segment, who prefer to pay with their phone. The diverse payment options of MobilePay provide resellers added benefits, with the application enabling easy payments online, in-app as well as in brick and mortar.

Seitatech’s technology enables the use of MobilePay in our partners’ payment terminals and vending-machines. In addition, the collaboration provides an excellent opportunity for retailers selling both online and offline, thanks to the application's three-way functionality.


MobilePay: Seitatech partnership will enable further growth

Management in MobilePay Finland is proud of the new partnership with Seitatech and is expecting further rapid growth in retailers and consumers using MobilePay as a consequence of the agreement.

“We feel certain that consumers over time increasingly will pay in shops with their mobile phone. Together with an acknowledged payment provider like Seitatech we can get closer to our vision of making MobilePay the preferred Finnish and Nordic payment solution in physical shops and vending machines,” says Anniina Heinonen, Head of MobilePay in Finland.


Diverse payment methods are crucial for retail trade

Sakari Parre, the CEO of Seitatech, emphasizes the benefits brought by the upcoming collaboration. “The service providers using Seita’s payment technology, are now able to provide their customers with a novel and efficient way to pay.” Parre also warns how lacking the most common payment methods could hamper retail trade, as mobile payments become increasingly common.

The partnership between Danske Bank and Seitatech enables the accepting of MobilePay in a wider scale. “The collaboration with Danske Bank furthers advances Seita’s objective of a multi-channel strategy” says Parre, “we are always seeking new opportunities to bring added utility to our customers’ and partners’ value chain.”


The use of mobile wallets is growing

The electronic payments are gradually shifting towards various mobile payment methods. As such, the retail sector needs to be prepared for the imminent shift by being able to provide the modes of transaction relevant to the customer.

MobilePay had an explosive launch as an application for peer-to-peer transactions. This has made it into one of the most used mobile wallets in Finland, making it an excellent starting point for the launch of any retailers’ mobile payments.

MobilePay utilizes the Bluetooth or NFC functionalities inherent in modern payment terminals. The transaction is conducted similar to contactless payments with a credit card. Although, without a limit for the size of the transaction. Seitatech will develop the technology required for accepting these transactions, providing resellers with a simple way to accept mobile payments.


Release in the start of Q2 2017

Seita will start the gradual implementation of MobilePay functionalities during the second quarter of 2017, with select retailers. Seitatech’s solution will make accepting mobile payments into a simple and effortless process. The implementation is done wirelessly over the internet, without a need for expensive attachments.


For more information, contact:

Sakari Parre, CEO
Seita Technologies Oy
+358 40 041 7220

Anniina Heinonen, Head of Sales and Partnering
MobilePay, Danske Bank
+358 (0)50 422 3122


MobilePay is used by 3,8+ million Nordic consumers, in Finland 450 000. The 2016 annual activity across the Nordic was above 170 million payments. It is used in an increasing number of areas, the most important being: Between private individuals, retail shops, webshops, local authority payments, payments through other apps, donations etc. Across the Nordic more than 40.000 businesses and around 6.000 webshops are offering their customers MobilePay as an easy and fast payment channel. MobilePay is open to partnerships with all interested Nordic banks and owned by Danske Bank.


Seita Technologies Oy is a Finnish software- and technology solution provider specialized in electronic payments. The company provides white-label payment services for resellers. Seitatech’s solutions can be found in plenty of Finnish product and gasoline vending machines as well as retail payment terminals.

About the Authors:

Toomas Selkänen

Toomas is a digital marketing specialist, with a soft spot for payment technology. He writes on payments industry topics from a layman's perspective.

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