Interested in Payment Technology?


Challenges & Opportunities

Seitatech is a payment technology pioneer. With us, you get to learn from the industry's finest and realize challenging development projects dealing with the payment systems of the future. We are constantly seeking talented individuals to join our development team, so be sure to contact us for further information or send your open application.

Seitatech is an excellent place to work

In the center of Seitatech's dynamic organizational culture is its low hierarchy. At Seita, you get to exchange ideas with every member of the company, all the way to the CEO. Open communication is supported by Seita's relaxed working environment and our unwavering team spirit.

At Seitatech, everyone's contribution matters. With us, you get to carry out challenging development projects with the best support team in the industry.

With us you get to follow the turning point of the payments industry from a box seat, all the while developing payment systems of the future along with the rest of the Seitatech crew.




Send an open application

Seitatech is always looking for new talent to our ever growing development team. Send an open application, and tell us about yourself. The launch of a new development project might just depend on your contribution!

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