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The trainings resume in early 2019


PSD2 Training

690€ / 1 day

The most up-to-date package on the upcoming payment service directive by UL-TS.

The training clarifies the objectives, requirements and implications of PSD2, both to your business as well as the payment ecosystem as a whole.

I gained confidence and new information, learning new things from the business side of EMV.

Feedback from EMV course

It was nice to learn useful payment domain knowledge.

Feedback from Mobile Payments Masterclass

I wish I would’ve had this course years ago!

Feedback from EMV course

I gained systematic understanding of EMV and Cless process.

Feedback from EMV course

The training felt really efficient!

Feedback from EMV course

The course helped me understand EMV standard quite well

Feedback from EMV course

The training directly supports my work.

Feedback from EMV course

Very good overview of EMV and its related security issues

Feedback from EMV course

The course provided understanding of the whole sequence of EMV and contactless processing.

Feedback from EMV course

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SEITA Academy

Seita Academy was created to support your company’s employees. We offer courses for technical and business professionals in cooperation with the best training organizations. Our goal is to make your employees into top industry experts.

Our training courses give your enterprise the keys to execute more challenging development projects and offer your leadership the technical vision required for optimal business decision.

Our Trainings Focus on Three Main Topics:


Our most important courses are designed for payment industry specialists and project managers, often focusing on the technical implementation, design, and testing of electronic payments. The participants are able to accumulate deep knowledge on payment technology, which directly transforms into resources usable by your organization.

Examples of courses belonging to this category:

  • EMV & Contactless Masterclass
  • Mobile Payments Masterclass
In addition to technology, SEITA Academy has a strong focus on business considerations of your firm. Especially the courses focusing on the changing payment industry environment and our leadership training provide a good baseline for business development. These trainings are designed primarily to cater the needs of your leadership, middle management and analysts. Examples of courses belonging to this category:
  • PSD2 Training
  • Deep Leadership® Coaching

Working with complex technologies requires a highly functional organization and employees skilled in project work. This is why we offer project training for technical professionals, development teams and technology firms. The goal of the courses is to increase the efficiency of your company’s projects and improve the internal communication within the organization. The training makes your employees more competent professionals and improves the organizations teamwork. In the end, all this translates into higher productivity of your company.

Examples of courses belonging to this category:

  • Project Team Training

Our Partners:


UL’s Transaction Security division is the most important security science company in the Payment industry, providing consultation and training to financial, payments and public organizations. UL-TS works in collaboration with the most important players in the payment ecosystem, which allows it to always offer up to date information about payment technology.

UL is the leading global safety science organization that has been driving the industry development for over 120 years. UL cooperates with private companies, suppliers and public administration, with a goal of improving public safety.

Projektivarikko Oy is a nontraditional expert firm specialized in project organization. It represents a new, more productive approach towards the development and training of project work. The company’s science based process helps identify new, concrete ways to achieve more effective projects.

Deep Lead Inc provides communities and individuals with leadership training based on the deep leadership theory. Their training includes all outlooks and modes of action that develop the leadership behavior of both individuals and organizations.

Deep Leadership® -coaching process gives the individual a lasting, self-directing base as a person and possibility to develop and grow as a leader. To the organization Deep Lead® gives a remarkable instrument to manage and shape the prevalent leadership culture and to create a development strategy for leadership.

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