Voiko Verkkokauppa.comista ostaa maksupäätteitä? Todellakin!

Seitatech and online retailer Verkkokauppa.com start to co-operate

Seitatech payment terminals and payment terminal services are now available at the best known and most visited online retailer in Finland, Verkkokauppa.com.

Verkkokauppa.com, Finland's most popular online store, and Seitatech, a Finnish card payment processor, payment terminal supplier as well as payment software and digital payment solution provider, have started co-operation.

Over the past 20 years, Verkkokauppa.com has delivered to its customers over 9 million shipments and over 15 million products.

It is easy to buy payment terminals at Verkkokauppa.com, prices are affordable, delivery times are short, and you can visit the shop also at the weekend. Entrepreneurs can now purchase a payment terminal also in instalments.

Thank you Verkkokauppa.com for your confidence in Finnish know-how and professionalism in card payments!

Please notice that the online store of Verkkokauppa.com is only available in Finnish.

Check out our selection at Verkkokauppa.com at the links below:

Castles V3M2 mobile payment terminal:


Castles V3M2 Seitatech

Castles V3C payment terminal:


V3C Seitatech

Castles MP200 pocket-sized payment terminal:


Castles V3P integrated payment terminal:



When an entrepreneur buys our payment terminal from Verkkokauppa.com, the entrepreneur buys a domestic service with the Key Flag brand. Our Key Flag Mark shows that our service is produced in Finland and employs in Finland.

Recommended sales environments for Seitatech payment terminals and services include: shops, hairdressing salons, cafes, fairs, restaurants, grillrooms, hotels, service stations, theatres, casinos, airports, kiosks, pop-up and market environments, carting lanes, taxi and transportation, and all mobile sales.

Verkkokauppa.com is the right place to buy a payment terminal for an entrepreneur who appreciates:

- locality and Finnish IT-expertise;
- easy setup of a payment terminal;
- good customer service and local technical support; as well as
- who wants to pay for the payment terminal services only when using the payment terminal during its business, without the usual service opening fees, fixed monthly charges of service or transaction-specific commissions based on the amount of the transactions.

Let's shop at Verkkokauppa.com!

- Seitatech team

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