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Our Kari Peltola will host a discussion event at the Retail Experience Live Helsinki on November 6, 2019 – Welcome to participate!

Seitatech is participating in the Retail Experience Live event held at the Helsinki Fair Center (Helsingin Messukeskus) from 6th to 7th of November 2019. The event's website can be found here:

Seitatech's Kari Peltola (Legal, Compliance and Finance Manager) will host a discussion for the visitors starting on November 6 at 10 am with the following topic:

Digital payment regulation changed in September 2019 - What is the merchant's liability under the new regulation?

We have the new PSD2 regulation. We have the updated Payment Services Act. Banks and payment service providers rushed for software updates based on the new regulation. We have an extension period granted by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). There were payment service contract updates for merchants. And we have plenty of articles and publications dealing with PSD2 as well as questions relating to strong customer authentication (SCA).

Despite all this, too many merchants are still unaware of their position and role in the new regulation. What happens in practice if the merchant does not meet the requirements of the new regulation? What is the merchant's liability?

Will a credit card company, bank, payment service provider, consumer or business customer, or perhaps the police visit the merchant's business premises with a letter of claim, if the merchant accepts a payment that later turns out to be, for example, a credit card fraud.

The discussion event is in Finnish, but if you are interested in learning more about the topic in English, please contact Kari Peltola directly ( and let’s find out if we could arrange a workshop together.

- Seita’s team

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