Kotimainen maksupäätetoimittaja Seitatech ja ilona.works – Yrittäjien verkkokauppa yhteistyöhön

Finnish payment terminal supplier Seitatech and ilona.works – a unique and popular e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs start co-operation

ilona.works - an online shop for entrepreneurs (https://ilona.works) and a Finnish payment terminal supplier Seitatech (www.seitatech.fi), as well as a cashless payment solution provider with PSD2 compliant payment softwares, make together high-quality, secure and regulatory compliant payment terminals and payment terminal services available to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The online shop is at the moment available only in Finnish but in near future also in English.

Seitatech´s payment terminals and payment terminal services are immediately available for purchase at the entrepreneurs online shop ilona.works. Ilona.works e-commerce platform and online shop incorporates features familiar to consumer e-commerce stores, such as purchase counters, and the ability to compare and purchase services online.

ilona.works online store is a service specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses that sells important business-related support services. The online shop is designed to be easy to use for entrepreneurs. Most services are bundled into service packages, so comparing different service packages makes it easy for an entrepreneur to find the right service package for their business. The prices and terms of the services are displayed and the services can be purchased online immediately.

ilona.works online shop: https://ilona.works

All inclusive – Seitatech service packet with classy and stylish Castles Vega3000 Mobile2 payment terminal: https://ilona.works/tuote/seitatech

Castles Vega3000 Mobile2 product information in the manufacturers website: https://www.castlestech.com/products/v3m2/

Original release in Finnish: https://www.seitatech.fi/fi/kotimainen-seitatech-ja-ilona-works-yhteistyohon/

More information:
Juhana Gyllenbögel
Ilona Works Finland Oy

Jyri Kämäräinen
Head of CRM
Seita Technologies Oy


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