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Seitatech’s Website has Evolved

You may have noticed that our website’s appearance has changed. We wanted to make it easier for new clients and potential partners to get a clear image of what we do. Alongside our renewed website, we are also launching Seitatech’s new blog that is designed to provide a glance into the inside dealings of the payment landscape.


New Year, New Website

The website provides us with a new channel to be in contact with the players in payment industry. That said, we wish to increase the general understanding on topics related to electronic payments and actively take part in the discussion within the payment industry.

The new functionalities provided by the website support the goal of increasing Seita’s role as an industry expert. We seek to help organizations survive the oncoming turning point of the payments ecosystem, and provide tools to emerge victorious from the transition.

Our new approach culminates in the launch of Seita Academy. We have begun providing payment industry training, in an attempt to increase the technical proficiency within the field. Our first training program was carried out in collaboration with UL Transaction Security, and dealt with EMV and Contactless payments. The spots were sold out in a blink of an eye, so if you don’t want to miss our upcoming courses, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter, which we use to give advance information about upcoming events.


A More Comprehensive Depiction of Our Work

The aim of the new site is to better illustrate Seitatech’s operations and role in the payment ecosystem. We designed the structure of the site to reflect our capabilities and Seita’s diverse services. Although the pages provide a cursory glance at our offering, we hope it better depicts our work and facilitates easier procuring of payment services.


SERVICES page gives an overview of our products and services. We have strived to bring our core competencies to the forefront, without forgetting the vital technical characteristics. Our priority has been to make it easier to gain a general understanding of our work, while making the necessary additional information readily available. As such, we placed the supporting factors and technical parameters within accordions, which provide further information on click.


COMPANY page depicts Seitatech as an organization. It illustrates the values and objectives of the Firm, as well as the people behind it. This segment gives face to our work and brings out the drivers behind Seitatech. We hope our visitors are able understand Seita’s mindset, and can compare our values to their own firm’s approach. Hopefully we can find a common ground, as we believe that best partnerships are formed between companies of like mind.


BLOG is our new channel to partake in the discussion within payment industry. Seitatech is filled with industry relevant knowledge and views that are sure to prove beneficial to all readers. If you do not wish to miss the valuable info packages, you should subscribe to our newsletter. In the newsletter, we collect the most important take-outs from the published articles.


We designed RECRUITMENT page for job applicants and industry professionals or those wishing to become one. In here, we provide a brief glance to our work, environment, and emplyees' view of the organization. If you are a jobseeker interested in electronic payments, you should absolutely stop by to check the current vacancies and our comments to new applicants.


Should you wish to get in touch with our experts, the CONTACT US section provides the necessary information. You can either send email or call our switch, which can transfer you forward. Here you can also find our address, should you wish to visit our office.

The new page introduces a new bilingual functionality. By clicking the link found on the header of the site, you can visit our page either in Finnish or English.


The World Changes, Seitatech Adapts

The renewal of our website is Seita’s starting point towards the new year. 2017 will bring with it a variety of turmoil. As such, we seek to become even better in helping our clients navigate the shifting landscape of electronic payments. During the year 2017 Seitatech will place a stronger emphasis on training and consulting. We encourage all our visitors to turn to us in all payments related problems.

After you have gone through our new site, please leave a comment. We are very interested in hearing about the experiences of our visitors.

About the Authors:

Toomas Selkänen

Toomas is a digital marketing specialist, with a soft spot for payment technology. He writes on payments industry topics from a layman's perspective.

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