SEO serves the whole Finland

SEO or Suomalainen Energiaosuuskunta is a Finnish oil company controlled by traders. The SEO network already covers more than 200 gas stations in Finland. Stations can be found all the way from Hanko to Nuorgam. Values such as domesticity, locality, and utilization of renewable energy are important factors in the operations of the service station network. Additionally, all of the stations are led by independent entrepreneurs.

SEONappi mobile application creates committed customers

The new SEONappi (i.e. SEOButton) application can be downloaded to the consumer’s mobile device. It functions both as a credit card and as a mobile wallet, and offers other convenient features. Ordering fuel oil and tracking the order history, planning travel routes, storing receipts, and following the benefits and news of your favorite stations can all be done conveniently through the app. As a thank you, the user of the application is offered monetary benefits – for example, as an application downloader, users are offered a discount on the price of fuel per liter.

The application is a convenient way to reach and engage new customers. In-app payment is a typical and preferred payment method for the younger generation. The ease offered by the application is also a big asset – refueling can be started through the application before getting out of the car, and the payment is handled automatically through the payment system connected to the application. Receipts are automatically stored in an electronic archive.

The new SEONappi application has been well received among customers and station managers. In addition to ease of use, the availability of the application in Swedish and strong authentication have gathered praise from users. In the future, SEONappi will expand to the business side to offer, for example, an electronic business card.

“The collaboration has been smooth, even though we were faced with a completely new challenge: developing an application. Such a situation requires a competent and experienced partner. We have had some challenges, for example with the new PSD2, which sets requirements for implementation.” -Tero Riuttamäki, SEO

Seitatech as a partner in the implementation of the in-app payment system

Together with Etteplan, Seitatech supplies SEONappi with the most modern card technology-based, mobile-friendly, and automatic payment solution in the Nordics. The solution meets all the special requirements set by the operation of petrol dispensers and the requirements of the PSD2 payment directive. Special requirements include, for example, purchase transactions based on relatively large sums, which also interests criminals. The implementation of the solution must therefore be particularly secure – utilizing several different security solutions, such as strong identification and solutions designed in case of system failure, to protect the consumer.The latest mobile payment technology of the credit card companies enables, among other things, risk-based seamless payments.

Co-operation on the solution has been extremely interesting due to the special requirements set by the industry. The smooth function of the co-operation network and the coverage of the network have made the project even more extraordinary.

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