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Payment Processing

Outsource your client network's payment processing to us. Be prepared for the payment methods of the future, while concentrating on your own value creation.



Seitatech is a full-fledged software house. We are constantly developing solutions for the payments of tomorrow.



Our expertise has been fully harnessed for the use of our partners. Solve your technical problems with our consultants or take advantage of our training programs to do it on your own.


Payment Applications

We provide PA-DSS compliant applications to most payment terminals, including outdoor systems and vending machines.


Our Solutions

Seita’s technology solutions ensure the functionality and security of your payment system.


Other Services

Ask more about mobile payments, payment terminals or Seita’s automated onboarding.


Payment Processing

With Seitatech, your payment processing can be easily handled in one place. Leave the cumbersome technological implementations to us, and focus solely on your company’s own value creation. You can count on us to support your enterprise from the background.

When transferring money, security and swiftness are of the utmost importance. Seitatech will ensure that your payment traffic runs smoothly and without problems, so that both the payer and the payee can place their full trust in your company’s services. Seitatech adheres to the highest data security standards, in order to provide our partners with a full sense of security and enable uninterrupted business.

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PCI DSS 3.1 compliant PSP

  • Visa Merchant Agent & Visa Member Agent
  • Mastercard Compliant service provider
  • Amex switch
  • Diners’ router


Multi-acquirer platform providing for card payments and substitutes

  • Online authorization and transaction gateway/switch
  • Offline & online PIN
  • DUKPT (Thales Payshield HSM’s) support
  • Tokenization services
  • Omni-channel support


Servers are provided

  • Two data-center sites, with scalable and virtualized services
  • More lightweight services can also be provided as a cloud solution.

Development Services

While Seitatech has premade products for many situations, we also offer robust development services. Should your organization require customized or completely unique solutions, Seitatech is the perfect partner for you. We are constantly seeking new projects and are eager to take part in creating a system that is designed precisely for you.

Additional information

For example, you could inquire more about:

  • Payment applications
  • Payment systems for enterprises
  • eCommerce
  • Tokenization
  • Mobile applications
  • System integrations
  • Payment technologies of the Future


Seitatech consists of the most experienced payment industry specialists. As such, we want our partners to be able to take advantage of the know-how we have accumulated. We provide wide-ranging consultation and training services, so if you have any questions relating to electronic payments, you should turn to us for help. Let us solve the problems ailing your organization.


Payment applications

Seitatech’s EMVSuite payment application is the result of long on-going development. This reliable and versatile application will fit as well in a POS terminal as it will in an unattended machine. Seitatech’s continuous development efforts will ensure that our clients' payment systems are always prepared for payment methods of the future. Naturally, all of our applications are also PA-DSS certified.

Additional information

Versions for:

  • POS standalone / integrated
  • Unattended (gas stations, vending)
  • mPOS
  • mCommerce
  • eCommerce

Compliant and secure applications:

  • PA-DSS compliant applications
  • EMV certified (Contact & Contactless)
  • DUKPT and non-DUKPT operation

Our Technology Solutions

What separates Seitatech from the competition, are our unique technology solutions. We are a payment industry forerunner in vital key management and data security implementations. Our associates may rest easy knowing their systems are operated with the most functional payment technology in the industry.

Private Label Card PIN Security
Secure storage and processes for Private Label scheme key management used for Cardholder personal identification number verification. Including solutions for industry standard online and offline PIN.
mPOS Gateway

Vendor independent mPOS Gateway for mobile POS backends. Cardholder data protection is based on a Derived Unique Key Per Transaction technology to secure transmissions over to customer devices. Resiliency is guaranteed for 50 transactions per second even in major system breakdown scenarios.


Seitatech Token vault provides state of the art obfuscation of sensitive Cardholder data. The data is stored in a high availability cluster audited against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is delivered as a service from Seitatech's private cloud.

mCommerce interface

Seitatech mCommerce interface is optimized for Mobile application development. It is simple and fast to develop your own secure wallet and in-app payments using our powerful REST API.

Automated onboarding & support API

For high volume customers Seitatech provides access to our onboarding and support API. With the API, customers can optimize delivery times and increase first line support efficiency.

Payment software as a service

The Seitatech payment application runs on several operating systems. The highly configurable and modular application is easily adapted to new devices. We provide Payment Application Data Security Standard audited software as a service to a device of your own choice.

On device VAS engine

On device Value Added Service engine runs on top of the Seitatech payment application. The engine is securely isolated from Cardholder Data. With the performance optimized scripting language, you can build your own solutions running on the same device with the payment application.


Other Services

As payment industry pioneers, we are capable of almost anything. You should inquire more about subjects such as: Mobile payments, payment terminals or our automated onboarding. We have solutions to many problems, and the capability to create new ones according to our partners requests. Contact us and we will see how Seitatech can help your enterprise.


Seitatech’s payment systems support your client network's business with comprehensive reporting. For example, we can bring organizations' settlement reports online or deliver them straight to your company’s system. We customize our reporting according to our customers’ needs, so you can have all your necessary information in one place.

  • Reporting for end-customers and the acquirer
  • Settlement and merchant POS reporting
  • Hierarchically structured reports and customer organizations
  • Support for web reports and data exports
  • Supports Finnish payment references
  • Provides accounting system interfaces
  • Reporting for terminal estate management



To achieve seamless payments, the systems need to function without a hitch. To ensure a smooth payment traffic we offer technical support services to our associates. If your clients face problems with electronic payments, we can find a solution without fail. We provide support in English and Finnish, and if need be, the whole organization will join in on solving difficult cases.

  • 1st and 2nd line support for merchants and partners
  • Support, SLA reporting and consulting for acquirers
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